Resource Needs Assessments

The why and what of a Resource Needs Assessment

NvACD is helping CDs increase their role as leaders of locally led conservation in Nevada. An initial group of Nevada CDs will write Resource Needs Assessments by bringing together local producers, local groups, agencies and general public to identify resource concerns and possible solutions to those resource concerns using Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) farm planning tools and other resources.

Locally led conservation consists of a series of phases that involve community stakeholders in natural resource planning, implementation of solutions, and evaluation of results.  Locally led conservation begins with the community itself, working through the local conservation district.  It is based on the principle that community stakeholders are best suited to deal with local resource problems. 

Please visit this link for the “e-directive” regarding locally led conservation

A presentation to the Nevada Farm Bureau provided information about the Resource Needs Assessment

The NvACD Resource Needs Assessment Guide 

NvACD Resource Needs Assessment Guide Sept 2018

Outreach tools for the Resource Needs Assessment 

Powerpoint RNA Outreach 2.5 pdf Outside CD RNA Outreach 2.5 (002) oct 26 2018

RNA Outreach 2.5 ppt handout as PDF

Outside CD RNA Outreach speech 2.5 (003)

Tools found in The RNA Guide