NvACD Annual Meeting

2018   NvACD Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentations and support material 

  1. 2018 State of Nevada Association of Conservation Districts- President Maggie Orr Presentation:  2018 State of NvACD Elko 
  2. Nevada Youth Range Camp Video:
  3. Conservation Districts Resource Needs Assessment PowerPoint  President Maggie Orr Presentation: Outside CD RNA Outreach 2.5
  4. Sagebrush Ecosystem Program PowerPoint Presentation by Ethan Mower: 2018_NVACD_EM
  5. Leadership for Conservation Districts PowerPoint presentation by Marlene Rebori, UNR:  NV CDworkshop_Rebori talk_CD_2018    
  6. National Association of Conservation Districts; Brent Van Dyke- National Association of CD President

2018 Meeting Agenda’s 

Past Annual Meetings information 

2017 NvACD Annual Meeting – Minden, NV. 

2016 NvACD Annual Meeting 

NvACD held it’s 2016 annual meeting in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada November 14-16.  Please click on the links below to view the presentations that were given on November 15 at the Springs Preserve.