October 2019 Annual Meeting Registration Packet 2019 NvACD Annual Mtg Registration Packet



2018   NvACD Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentations and support material 

  1. Resource Needs Assessment / NRCS Local Work Groups – NRCS Ray Dotson and NvACD President Maggie Orr 2018 Annual Meeting NvACD NRCS ppt     The Presentation script is here :  2018 NvACD Annual Mtg RNA LWG ppt script ray and maggie
  2. Sagebrush Ecosystem Program PowerPoint Presentation by Ethan Mower: 2018_NVACD_EM SEC E Mower presentation nov 2018
  3. Leadership for Conservation Districts PowerPoint presentation by Marlene Rebori, UNR:  NV CDworkshop_Rebori talkCD_2018  NV-CDworkshop_Rebori-talk_CD_2018 (2)
  4. National Association of Conservation Districts; Brent Van Dyke- National Association of CD President What is NACD – 2018 NvACD Annual meeting presentation by Brent Van Dyke

2018 Meeting Agenda’s 

Past Annual Meetings information 

2017 NvACD Annual Meeting – Minden, NV. 

    • A Path Forward: Nevada Collaborative Conservation Network              Sheila Anderson, Governor Sandoval’s Office                                             Matt Magaletti, BLM                                                                                      Cheva Gabor, USFS

2016 NvACD Annual Meeting 

NvACD held it’s 2016 annual meeting in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada November 14-16.  Please click on the links below to view the presentations that were given on November 15 at the Springs Preserve.