Nevada Assocation of Conservation Districts

The Nevada Association of Conservation Districts (NvACD) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization of the 28 CDs in Nevada. NvACD is made up of three regional area associations of CDs and serves as a state voice for conservation districts on state policy, legislation, communication, and funding for conservation activities. NvACD can lobby, unlike CDs or the State Conservation Commission. It also provides forums to inform, train and educate supervisors and recognize outstanding district individuals and programs. It has standing committees and meets annually around Election Day. It is not subject to the Open Meeting Law.

New !  Interesting articles for your winter reading:  These articles were referenced in the annual meeting by Marlene Rebori from UNR during her Leadership Training.

  1. Leadership and conservation effectiveness: finding a better way
    to lead    Black_et_al-2011-Conservation_Letters
  2. Direction and clarity to conservation leaders
  3. Leadership as a conversation


Nevada Youth Range Camp focuses on relationships between people and rangeland. Campers learn about plants, wildlife, water, and soil in order to make good decisions about rangeland management and use. They learn skills and explore careers in rangeland and related resource management.

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Educational Events, Programs and Articles


The University of Nevada in collaboration with Elko Land and Livestock Company have spent the past three years demonstrating how through a fall grazing program, fuel loads dominated by annual grasses on Nevada’s rangelands can be effectively controlled.  Please click here to watch the video.


Sage Grouse Initiative Newsletter

Conserving Greater Sage Grouse:  A Social-Ecological Systems Case Study from the      California-Nevada Region


NRCS Conservation Client Gateway Overview

  1. CCG How to Set Up Your Account
  2. CCG Steps to Sign Up
  3. How Entity Members Grant and Revoke Limited Authority Access
  4. How Entity Members Request Full Authority Access
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